How long until….well you know, the unthinkable

How long until….

Read this article. Afterwards, let’s debate how long it will take for the human body to get ‘hacked’ and the debacle that will ensue. 

The Mayan Calendar won’t predict when the world will end. The human insatiable appetite for MORE will…

Stay thirsty my friends…

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What ends up (should be) on your plate?

What ends up (should be) on your plate?

We are such a culture of waste. 

I absolutely loved this article for one main reason: we all are guilty of prematurely judging vegetables and fruit because they do not appease our own false cosmetic standards to which we assess what will go into our mouth.

If a carrot has a slight scar or “brown spot”, it is tossed away during the fresh grocery selection process. The grocery store has no choice but to discard of it because no consumer wants a damaged product?


With so much starvation, poverty, lack of resources, sickness….the list can go on

and yet (in the words of Helga from Hey Arnold)

grocery stores will continue to throw away what the elitist class deems unworthy.

It seriously can be something as small as a peck on a tomato which prevents anyone from buying it. Is the assumption that “ugly vegetables and fruits” have less health benefits as opposed to their flawless counterparts

I urge you to buy those fruits and veggies that have the scars and marks, many of which came from transporting the food from a farm in Alabama to your grocery store in DC.

Take a step back and play a small role in preventing less edible food from being disposed of, ending up in a garbage as opposed to a hungry child’s stomach.

When will the American culture of greed and waste dissipate? 


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