About the Writer

The Enigma.

My goal is to inspire and incite an intellectual revolution, easing the overwhelming choke-hold the mass media publications have over the general public. I see it too often; the ever expanding ‘idiot box’ continues to serve as the only source of information for such a self-defining elitist society. Wouldn’t such a group expect (rather demand) more from their information sharing counterparts? Of course not, the blind will continue to lead the blind while persuading those blinded that they are in fact BLIND.

I never take too much for face value. As Christianity teaches and as a prolific believer of such, each action has a meaning. History was written ages ago, we are actors in our own Broadway play and this, this day is opening night. Will we put on a dark and grueling satire, esteeming to the likes of ‘The Fall of the House of User’ or will be stand triumphant in this war of words?

My character is exciting. He appreciates music composition, the appreciation of learning, and serving those characters in the play who were given less important roles – interpret that as you may.

I will write here as a new medium, something I couldn’t do in years prior. As I question, so will you.

Demand more of your brothers and sisters. Plague them with kindness and targeted acts of kindness and well-being. Their actions are no fault of their own; they are just too engrossed in the stage lights of their own theater.

Question the Why


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