We Can and We Will

Hurricane Sandy….wherefore art thou Hurricane Sandy? 

Don’t lend me your ears just yet; you may want to hold on to them.

The coverage of Hurricane Sandy reiterated something that I don’t know if I should fear or applaud: the ability to influence the masses and the because of it, cause people (men, women, and children of all races) to come together in patriotic trinity. 

It’s funny how natural disasters tend to do these types of things. Let us not forget 9/11.


It is unfortunate to see how fast and how quickly these densely populated localities can be overcome with such damage. Hurricane Sandy has flooded trains, subway stations, and streets similar to an apocalyptic doomsday which requires Sylvester Stallone as the main protagonist. This relates to the fear I mentioned previously. In an all too eerie resemblance  to Bain’s plot in Batman, NY was essentially cut off from the rest of the world (ironically while the rest of the world watched the tragedies incurred by mother nature). With wind and water alone, NY was sent into a frenzied panic – one can help but ponder what may happen at the sign of the slightest  terrorist response (cyber attacks included).

Two days of work removed from the work week, two days of school removed from the work week, two days of payment for non-salaried employees (which represent quite a large population of workers) removed from the work week

This is ludicrous (yet I type this as I set at my corporate desk on a Tuesday morning of which I was supposed to stay home and work remote..argh)

Besides my rambling, I am intrigued by the ability of the people to come together in times of natural disaster/large scale death tolls….but not on a day to day. Compare this week to last week and there is no difference. THERE STILL IS LARGESCALE DEATH ATTRIBUTED TO THINGS SUCH AS GUN VIOLENCE, STARVATION, DRUGS, MURDER…..THE LIST GOES ON. 

When will this ever present consciousness of protecting human life dominate our lives consistently? Is the patriotic protective response to natural disasters only relevant because Mother Nature is not biased? Do we rally in support of human life only when the issue at hand is an unbiased assault at life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? I guess so. Because clearly the biased causes for massive loss of life are attributed to the economics of land. Guess we can’t preemptively respond to the aftershock of capitalism…


Sandy came because of a explicable mixture of geographical forces.

All the other bad things of the world can be explained and contrasted with stark similarity with Sandy. But since ‘we’ have no control over it, we attach more sympathy. 


I’ll be home soon NJ. 


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