How long until….well you know, the unthinkable

How long until…well you know, the unthinkable…

Read this article.

Afterwards, let’s debate how long it will take for the human body to get ‘hacked’ and the debacle that will ensue.

The Mayan Calendar won’t predict when the world will end. The human insatiable appetite for MORE will…

Stay thirsty my friends…

It is pretty appalling. Cyber-security concerns have plagued the masses  for possibly the past two decades however those scares are nothing compared to the issues cited in this article. Hacking cars, engineering mainframes. I kid you not, the human body will be next – well once of course that the government mandates every human be inserted with a chip in order to “preeminently track all personal identifiable information (including health records and financial reports).

Sort of like…well not really like

Worst of all, these hackers are exactly not how we see them: geeky nerds out to dismantle the establishment is a thing of the past. Well, they still are nerds but more of a perverted nature. They will rather post homosexual pictures on a Facebook timeline as opposed to cracking someone’s online banking password. They would much rather dismantle a civilian agency’s website instead of disabling one of Iran’s nuclear plants (in this case, I hope I am giving them ideas).

I worked with some developers and man does it take something that I would not even dare describe as passion. These men (sorry its a male dominated industry) will stare at black screens with white coding for 10 hours a day AND THEN take their families to go see the Matrix trilogy. Yuck.

I don’t understand, but I will respect..

All this hacking nonsense is making me want to go back to paper. Let’s say the next terrorist attack targets the US power grids, leaving the east coast without power for months. Do you think mobile passwords (post coming soon) or log in information will matter then? What can you hack without electricity besides a good ole Southern Pulled Pork sandwich. Ah, yes!

Seriously, when will enough be enough?


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