On the Issues

Find out what your candidate REALLY supports

the hidden gem!

Amidst this presidential election, the best you can do is know the facts. Well, what the media wants you to know. Assuming this guise, play your role well and be informed. Bookmark the URL. So at least when you engage with other actors, you can speak with knowledge on what your candidate actually supports with enough disposition to cite  where you are gathering your sources.

But hey, no one likes politics. The laws of the land are created by a select few old men located in affluent DC where representatives dine on your dollar and there is limited accountability. And YOU choose to not follow this despite having to abide by the legislation that is passed by representatives you elect (either by voting or not voting).

Get hip. Legislation might get proposed and funded to put African Americans back into chains (a stretch but you get the point) however you wouldn’t know since you are too enthralled in the latest episode of Love and Hip Hop – staged and putrid acting that attracts your attention. Sigh.

I want a Rachel Maddow personality bequeathed into a 2004 Christina Millian frame.




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